The New Liquid Gold


Hope you are bearing up and keeping safe during this lockdown!

The price of Oil, around the world has plummeted, as a result of this Pandemic and lockdown. Aeroplanes are no longer flying, only a handful of essential vehicles are running, factories are operating minimally, if at all, so there’s no demand for oil. 

British Petroleum Shares dropped by 45% from this time last year. Price of a barrel of oil dropped from almost $100 to less than $11. Worst still, there’s no where to store the oil produced as no one is buying, currently. 

We have no idea when the status of, or life like it used to be, might resume, if ever. It is ideal for countries, organisations, businesses and individuals to start working towards a ‘New World’. 

Countries, like South Africa, have taken a bold step towards sourcing alternative ways of generating income for their country. They have legalised the farming of Hemp and extraction of Cannabidiol, the New Liquid Gold.

The notoriety of Marijuana overshadowed the healing capacity and next to no side-effects of Cannabidiol, which is now taking the world by storm. 

Countries with virgin, arable land should consider farming Hemp and exporting to countries in the Western world, to generate alternative sources of income. 

If you have arable farm land, consider putting it into profitable use.

Individuals should also consider exploring the Cannabidiol business. This is projected to be a £22 Billion Dollar industry by 2022 in the USA alone. Even the Church of England has invested millions of Pounds in the Cannabidiol business. 

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Stay safe! Stay well!

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Jacko Jackson 
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Cannabidiol And Skin Conditions

Skin Calming Cream - Dollop
Cannabidiol & Skin Conditions

  Hi Everyone,

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We are calling on Doctors, Dermatologists, Skin Experts, people with Skin Conditions, to explore the use of Cannabidiol for the management of skin conditions, especially chronic, unrelenting conditions which have not responded to conventional medication. 

The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology has published literature to show that Cannabidiol is effective in managing skin conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, Acne. Even Toni Braxton, the celebrity artist, uses it to manage her Lupus. 

Dr. Robert Dellavalle, a Professor of Dermatology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, says, *”Perhaps the most promising role for Cannabinoids is in the treatment of itch”.*

Medical Experts and Sufferers of non-infective skin conditions, which is not responding to conventional medication, we urge you to try White Feather Skin Calming Cream, containing 250mg of pure Cannabidiol in combination with White Feather CBD Oil. 

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day  

Hi Everyone,

How are you keeping?

It’s International Women’s Day!

One thing us Ladies love very much, is our crown of hair. 

How do you wear your crown?

Short, curly, long, straight, coloured, white, wavy, natural, texturized, in a weave, in braids, in twists, in dreads, under a wig, under a wrap, shaven ……

However way you wear your mane, wear it with class and pride. 

White Feather Hair Nourishing Oil with its natural, organic oils, infused with pure Cannabidiol, stimulates and nourishes our hair follicles, encouraging hair growth and restoring the status quo of our scalp. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day by showing off your crowning glory, well maintained with TLC ( tender, loving care) and White Feather CBD Infused Hair Nourishing Oil 😄

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Wishing you beautiful hair 😄 along with excellent health, wellness and abundance. 
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