CBD Gets Royal Approval

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*CBD Oil & The Duchess of Cornwall *

The benefits of Cannabidiol is gaining more popularity such that even the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker-Bowles, wife of Prince Charles’ of England, tasted CBD Oil at a market and described it as delicious.

She attests to hearing about the fantastic things, Cannabidiol does in the body.

Cannabidiol helps to reduce Chronic Pain, pain of Sciatica, Arthritis and Inflammation. CBD acts to protect the Pancreas, thus helping people with Diabetes. CBD works on the Cardiovascular System, helping to reduce high Blood Pressure.

Cannabidiol also acts on the brain and nervous system, alleviating stress and anxiety and has been found to improve the quality of life of people that suffer from Epilepsy, Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s and Autism.

If it’s good for the Duchess of Cornwall, it is good for me.

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Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday!

Have you heard of the Pechoti Gland, a remnant of the Umbilical Cord from birth? This great organ contains over seventy-two thousands veins and nerve endings that reach all parts of the body.

A great way to administer CBD Oil to reach all parts of the body, is via the Umbilical Cord, as practiced in Ayurvedic Therapy.

This method of putting drops of Cannabidoil in the belly button is certainly worth trying. 

Better still, you use far less drops of the Cannabidoil than you’ll have to use orally and it reaches the organs quicker, because it bypasses metabolism in the Liver.

Try it!
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CBD For Your Teeth


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I’m so excited about the improvement in people’s health and wellness from improved sleep, reduced pain and more by White Feather CBD Users. I would like to share this update from a User with you.

A Dentist of a White Feather CBD User was impressed with his Patient’s teeth on his third visit in about seven months.

On his first visit, his Dentist informed him that he had a moderate degree of Gum Disease with receding gums. He had a thorough deep clean and was advised to use an Electric Toothbrush, Interdental Brushing with Teepees at least twice a day.

Usually, with Gum Disease, you can prevent it from getting worse, but cannot usually revert the recession of the gums to the pre disease state.

This Patient diligently followed his Dentist’s instructions.

After his second visit and more deep cleaning, the Patient discovered White Feather CBD and decided to compliment his dental routine by spreading a thin layer of White Feather CBD Oil on his gums, daily as well!

On his third visit, the Patient’s Dentist was most impressed and amazed at the level of improvement in his gums and the level of reversal of his Gum Disease.

The Patient attributed the accelerated level of improvement in his gums to him smearing his gums with White Feather CBD Oil.

Definitely worth a try 😁

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