White Feather CBD Infused Skin Care Oil

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CBD Infused Skin Care Oil

Good news! White Feather CBD Infused Skin Care Oil is now available – Smells glorious 😊 – ‘Just Dope’ 😄

Great stuff for smoother, softer, clearer, younger looking skin. It evens skin tones and clears blemishes. It improves scars, marks and stretch marks.

Complement your skin care routine with some White Feather CBD Infused Skin Care Oil.

Available at: https://aff.whitefeather-cbd.com/shop/?wpam_id=1

Also available in Naija on Jiji.ng.

Or simply contact us.

Wishing you beautiful skin, excellent health, wellness and abundance.

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White Feather

Cannabidiol and Cancer


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Cannabidiol and Cancer

Cancer is a very distressing, painful, uncomfortable and frightening condition. Just being given the news of having Cancer, sounds almost like a death sentence. That shouldn’t be the case. We shouldn’t let Cancer frighten us. We should be proactive, not let fear overtake us, take positive action.

Cannabidiol is a great comforter to people suffering from Cancer or/and undergoing Cancer Therapy.

Though claims cannot be made about Cannabidiol curing cancer, Cannabidiol has been found to be a great adjunct to easing the horrible side effects experienced from the treatment of Cancer, like Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

Cannabidiol, with its anti-inflammatory properties, has been shown to ease pain , better than Opiates.

It alleviates the nausea associated with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, improves sleep and appetite, as well as eases anxiety.

We’ve also received personal testimonials of Cancer Remission.

A Lithuanian Grandma who suffered Bowel Cancer took Cannabidiol post-surgery instead of Chemotherapy and her Cancer cleared up.

A Guianean Lady who had Uterine Cancer made suppositories out of Cannabidiol and MCT Oil 🤔and her tumour cleared up.

If you know of anyone who can benefit from Cannabidiol, treat them to White Feather Oil. Nothing to lose. Improved health to gain.

Available at: https://aff.whitefeather-cbd.com/shop/?wpam_id=7

Also available inNaija on Jiji.ng.


Or simply contact us.

Wishing you excellent health, wellness and abundance in 2020 and beyond


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