Cannabidiol & Epilepsy


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Cannabidiol & Epilepsy

The bid to legalising Cannabidiol for general consumption as a health supplement actually came about when a dear Mother discovered that by giving her severely epileptic child CBD Oil, the frequency of the epileptic fits decreased remarkably.

Epilepsy is caused by a malfunction of the electrical activity in the brain. Cannabidiol has been found to reduce the chemical and electrical activity of the brain that causes seizures.

Mothers would try anything to ease the suffering of their child.

Now, the United States has approved Epidiolex, a Marijuana derivative, for the management of seizures.

Due to the versatile nature of Cannabidiol, this discovery has led to easing the suffering of many people from other different ailments like High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus and more, with no apparent side effects.

Disruption of our naturally existing Endocannabinoid System causes ailments in our bodies.

Cannabidiol acts on these naturally occurring Endocannabinoid Receptors, helping to regulate and maintain homeostasis.

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