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How to use CBD Oil


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The sale of Cannabidoil is fast overtaking the sale of Vitamin C and D as health supplements, the Daily Star reports.

How is CBD Oil taken. It’s best taken as oil drops under the tongue. Place about four to five drops of the oil under your tongue and hold in your mouth for about a minute.

Feedback from Users claim it is best to use the CBD Drops first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth or eating or drinking anything. If needed, you can take a few more drops under the tongue about an hour before bedtime.

If you are new to Cannabidoil, it’s best to start with small drops, then increase it gradually depending on how well your body accommodates it. Listen to your body.

Remember, just as some people respond very well to Paracetamol for pain relief, others may need something stronger like Ibuprofen, Codeine or Morphine. Listen to your body and adjust your intake of Cannabidoil accordingly.

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