Mouth Odour & Morning breath!

Mouth Odour & Morning breath!

  Hello Everyone
How are you enjoying the mini liberation from lockdown? Continue to stay safe. 

We all have some degree of Mouth Odour, especially from eating curries, onions etc. and definitely Morning Breath 🤭. Some more pungent than others. 

With the advent of Corona Virus and the bid to ensure we didn’t have the virus lurking anywhere; apart from cleaning the house down with bleach, washing my hands and applying Hand Sanitiser ever so often, I also put some Hand Sanitiser on my toothbrush along with my toothpaste, when brushing my teeth. 

I gave my tongue and palate a good brush, right to the back of my throat and the insides of my cheeks and my lips. I then rinsed and gargled with plain water or salted water for up to twenty seconds. I personally don’t use Mouth Wash because my tongue tends to feel irritated when I gargle with Mouth Wash. I find a drop of Sanitiser on my toothbrush a much better alternative to Mouth Wash. Try it! Keep using your Mouth Wash too. 

White Feather CBD Infused Hand Sanitiser has the added bonus of Cannabidiol, which helps to improve the state of the gums and mouth in general and Aloe Vera to calm down the mouth.  It contains 63% Alcohol which is effective against 99% of Bacteria and those that lurk in our mouths, causing Mouth Odours and Bad Breaths. 

One spray on your toothbrush, plus your toothpaste and a good brush of the teeth and mouth, twice a day, will make a difference to the state of your mouth, odour and breath. Give it a try! (Please do not swallow)

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Wishing you fresh breath 😁, excellent health, wellness and abundance.  

Feel free to share this pertinent information with your contacts. It might help someone.


Jacko Jackson 
White Feather

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