Unlock Your Locked Down Hair!

Unlock Your Locked Down Hair!

  Hello Everyone,

How are you keeping? How is your hair fairing in this lockdown? 

No Hairdressers! No Barbers! Oh dear 😮 
Now that the lockdown is easing off, its time to ease our hair and beard back into life and bounce. 

What do we need to do? 

A gentle, kind hair wash. Certainly some conditioner. A gentle blow dry with low heat or simply air dry. 

A scalp massage with some oil. Part your hair into four parts and massage the oil into each section. Comb gently or blow dry on low heat, again. You can then re-matt or re-plait your hair. Wrap in a silk-scarf when you go to sleep. 

Oh yes, what oil would we recommend? White Feather CBD Infused Hair Nourishing Oil containing naturally organic oils and pure Cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol helps to restore the status quo of the scalp, stimulates and nourishes hair follicles, stops breakages and encourages hair growth. 

If you suffer conditions like  dry scalp, dandruff, long term use of wigs and attachments, skin conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema, even Razor Burn or bumps in the beard area, White Feather CBD Infused Hair Nourishing Oil can help calm your scalp and beard.

It’s also a great opportunity to get some Cannabidiol into our system and help boost our immunity in this unprecedented times. 

White Feather CBD Infused Hair Nourishing Oil is also ideal for gentlemen’s scalp, be it bald or not and beard. It helps to groom the hair and calm the skin.

Every little helps. 

Click the link below and get your bottle of White Feather CBD Infused Hair Nourishing Oil plus a free bottle of CBD Infused Sanitiser to keep the nasties away: 


Available in Naija at: https://jiji.ng/shop/mede-pod or simply contact us.

Wishing you beautiful hair, excellent health, wellness and abundance. 

Continue to stay safe and well! 

Feel free to share this pertinent information with your contacts. It might help someone.


Jacko Jackson 
White Feather 

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