Cannabidiol and Diabetes!

Cannabidiol and Diabetes!

  Hello Everyone,

Glad to see that the lockdown is slowly lifting. Please continue to stay safe and well!

Are you Diabetic or Hypertensive? 

We continue to receive positive feedback from Users of Cannabidiol about improvement in their Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure levels. 

How does Cannabidiol improve Diabetes and Hypertension? 

By acting on our natural Endocannabinoid Receptors, which Dr. Allen, a Heart Surgeon, has described as ‘the single most important medical scientific discovery …..’.

Cannabidiol’s anti-inflammatory properties is shown to reduce Insulin Resistance,  protect the Pancreas and help to moderate Blood Sugar, especially in people with Type 2 Diabetes. 

*If you are Diabetic or Hypertensive, we will suggest you give White Feather CBD Oil a try, monitor your symptoms, your Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure*. 

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Wishing you excellent health, wellness and abundance. 

Stay safe! Stay well!

Feel free to share with your contacts and groups. This information might just help someone in need. 

Many thanks.


Jacko Jackson 
White Feather

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