Cannabidiol and Corona Virus!

Cannabidiol and Corona Virus!

  Hello Everyone

Hope you had a lovely weekend and are still keeping safe! Please do. 

I saw this image of this lady smoking a joint through her mask and couldn’t help but laugh at what Corona Virus is making people do 😂😂😂

Never mind, we don’t need to smoke a joint through our masks to prevent Corona Virus, we can take more practical measures like taking CBD Drops, sublingually or as a skin or hair oil, to boost our immunity. 

Researchers from this study believe that Cannabidiol can block Corona Virus from attacking the cells in our bodies. That’s great news!

Let’s do what we need to do to safeguard ourselves from this nasty bug and other bugs, by keeping our hands and bodies clean, disinfecting our hands and homes, adhering to Social Distancing, boosting our immunities with healthy foods, Vitamin C, D and Zinc, exercising and certainly some Cannabidiol. 

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Wishing you excellent health, wellness and abundance. 

Stay safe! Stay well! 

Feel free to share this pertinent information with your contacts 🌿


Jacko Jackson 
White Feather

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