Cannabidiol and Corona Virus – An Israeli Study

Cannabidiol and Corona Virus – An Israeli Study


How are you keeping in this lockdown?

There’s got to be something great about Cannabidiol. *First the Canadians and now the Israelis Medical Researchers* are looking into how Cannabidiol can be used in the management of Corona Virus.

Corona Virus causes a nasty inflammatory reaction in the body, especially in the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing. This is currently managed conventionally with Steroids amongst other drugs, to suppress the hyper-inflammation. 

Cannabidiol is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, without the side effects exhibited by Steroids and it doesn’t suppress the immune system of the body completely, like Steroids do. Thus, Cannabidiol is thought to be a better adjunct, with other drugs for the management of Corona Virus, instead of Steroids.

Some countries are slowly easing off on the lockdown, but life is not going to be like it was and we all still need to take precautions to ensure we halt the spread of this and other diseases.

Prevention is better than cure. Let us continue to take the necessary precautions to halt the spread of diseases adhering to the guidelines on Social Distancing, hand cleaning, limiting our movements. 

Boost your immunity with good diet, Vitamins C, D and Zinc and we suggest you complement it with Cannabidiol.

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Looking forward to a world, free of diseases. A world with filled with excellent health, love, peace, joy, freedom and abundance for all. 

Stay safe! Stay well! 


Jacko Jackson 
White Feather

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