Cannabidiol and Eczema – Clearer Skin in Ten Days

Cannabidiol and Eczema – Clearer Skin in Ten Days

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Eczema is an uncomfortable skin condition causing terrible itching of the skin which results in the skin weeping. The skin appears flaky, dry, red and obviously irritated. 

The actual cause of Eczema is not known, but it is associated with immune conditions. Nuts and other allergens can trigger off the immune system and worsen Eczema. 
The good news is Cannabidiol, by working on the Endocannabinoids present in the skin, may help to reduce the symptoms associated with Eczema by re-establishing the disrupted homeostasis in the skin. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabidiol can help to reduce the itching, flakiness, redness and help regenerate a smoother layer of skin. 

The immune boosting properties of Cannabidiol may also help to regulate how the body responds to allergens. 

If you wish to give Cannabidiol a try for your Eczema, try White Feather CBD Infused Skin Calming Cream, which contains 250mg of pure CBD. It is clinically proven to relieve skin conditions like Eczema and more. Give it a try for ten days.

You can try a dollop for a fiver, which also comes with a free bottle of CBD Infused Hand Sanitiser, to keep the nasties away 😊 and free delivery. 

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NB: If you suffer from infective or parasitic skin conditions like Ringworm, please see your Doctor. 

Wishing you beautiful skin, excellent health, wellness and abundance. 

Stay safe! Stay well! 

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