Cannabidiol and Steroids

Cannabidiol and Steroids

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*Cannabidiol and Steroids*

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Steroids was the great ‘go to’ drugs for conditions like Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Inflammatory Conditions, as an Immuno-Suppressant and more, but it can only be prescribed for short durations due to its side effect like high blood pressure, mood swings, weight gain, diabetes, thin skin etc.

As such, Cannabidiol, with its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, immune boosting qualities and little or no side-effects is becoming the new ‘go to’ supplement for these conditions and more. 

An Athlete friend of mine, who used to wake up with twinges in his back and had been advised to have Steroid Injections for his Arthritic fingers, has noticed a marked difference in his condition in just a week of taking Cannabidiol. 

I had Tendinitis in my left elbow, years ago for which I had a dose of Steroid injection. This wore off after four months and was advised to come back for another dose of Steroid Injection. I didn’t. However, I have noticed now that the twinges in my elbow is now gone – Yippppeeeeee!

If you currently take Steroids for any medical condition, I will suggest you try White Feather CBD Oil and see how you get on with it. 

You also get a free bottle of CBD Infused Hand Sanitiser, with every purchase of White Feather product, to keep nasties away 😄

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Wishing you a pain-free existence, excellent health, wellness and abundance. 

Stay safe! Stay well!

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