Cannabidiol and Corona Virus – A Canadian Study

Cannabidiol and Corona Virus – A Canadian Study


Hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well in this lockdown. 

Wuhan has finally opened its doors, after eleven weeks of lockdown. Some countries are going into their sixth and seventh weeks of lockdown . The U.K. is going into its fourth week and some African countries are going into their third week. 

This Pandemic has taken a toll on the world at large. Scientists are racing to find a cure and vaccine for the Corona Virus infection. Patients are being tried on Anti-Malarials like Chloroquine, Anti-HIV drugs,  Steroids and other medications.

A Canadian Team is looking at the possibility of Cannabidiol, easing the inflammatory reaction of Patients to Corona Virus, thus reducing the severity of the symptoms of COVID19

Dr. Coorey of Cannalogue, Toronto, says, “The naturally occurring immuno-modulatory property of cannabinoids may dampen the signals that produce the exaggerated inflammatory response from the host, in response to COVID-19”.

Studies are looking at how the immunity boosting effects of Cannabidiol by acting on our CB2 Receptors and  the its anti-inflammatory effects, can reduce the hyper-response of the lungs to the virus, which causes the breathing difficulties in Patients.

Whatever the case, Cannabidiol, as Tinctures, can be used as a supplement in addition to Vitamin C, D, E and Zinc to boost our immunities.

For now, please stay home, adhere to the guidelines on Social Distancing, hand cleaning etc. to help curtail and eventually put a stop to the spread of Corona Virus and other diseases.

Looking forward to a world free of diseases. A world with filled with excellent health, love, peace, joy, freedom and abundance for all. 

Stay safe! Stay well! 

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