International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day  

Hi Everyone,

How are you keeping?

It’s International Women’s Day!

One thing us Ladies love very much, is our crown of hair. 

How do you wear your crown?

Short, curly, long, straight, coloured, white, wavy, natural, texturized, in a weave, in braids, in twists, in dreads, under a wig, under a wrap, shaven ……

However way you wear your mane, wear it with class and pride. 

White Feather Hair Nourishing Oil with its natural, organic oils, infused with pure Cannabidiol, stimulates and nourishes our hair follicles, encouraging hair growth and restoring the status quo of our scalp. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day by showing off your crowning glory, well maintained with TLC ( tender, loving care) and White Feather CBD Infused Hair Nourishing Oil 😄

Twenty Percent off for International Women’s Day!

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Wishing you beautiful hair 😄 along with excellent health, wellness and abundance. 
Have a beautiful day!

Jacko Jackson 
White Feather

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