Cannabidiol And Skin Conditions


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*Cannabidoil & Skin Conditions*

We listened, we thought, we sought, we researched, we tested and alas, we found 😄

We are pleased to introduce our new and wonderful Clinically Proven, topical application for skin conditions like Acne, Eczema, Pruritus, Psoriasis and a host of other craw-craw 😄 or Kuruna like skin conditions: White Feather CBD Infused – Skin Calming Cream.

These are more of the joys and health benefits Cannabidiol is bringing to us. 

White Feather Essentials Skin Calming Cream is a delicate cream, infused with pure CBD Oil, which you simply apply onto your skin. 

The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal effects of Cannabidiol helps to calm the skin, regulate the production of sebum, causing Acne, Pimples and Spots, build immunity In Psoriasis, calm down inflammation, irritation, itchiness, soreness in Eczema and Pruritis, promotes healing and regeneration of healthy skin cells. 

If you have an unrelenting skin condition, try White Feather CBD Infused Skin Calming Cream. 

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Coming soon to Naija. 

NB: If you suffer from infective or parasitic skin conditions like Ringworm, please see your Doctor. 

Wishing you beautiful skin, excellent health, wellness and abundance,

Sadé Tolani

White Feather

Comparing Cannabidoil with Ibuprofen for Pain Relief*


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*Comparing Cannabidoil with Ibuprofen for Pain Relief*

Cannabidoil acts in the body by helping the body to heal itself without causing any side effects. 

Conventional medication on the other hand is designed to solve a specific problem in the body. Unfortunately, in its attempt to resolve a particular problem, it causes another problem in another part of the body. 

A good example is Ibuprofen, recommended for the relief of ‘pain’. I took Ibuprofen for Menstrual Pain and it always made me throw up. Sometimes, even the recommended dosages of Ibuprofen causes Peptic Ulcers in some users, requiring the need for additional medication to manage the Peptic Ulcer side-effect. 

Cannabidoil on the other hand, acts on the body’s Endocanbabinoid System to prompt the body to use its natural healing powers to reduce the inflammation which is causing the pain. 

Cannabidoil also helps to protect the stomach lining, rather than abrase it, like Ibuprofen does.

If you are on Conventional Pain-Killers, consider using White Feather CBD Oil to gradually wean yourself off the Conventional Pain Killers and enjoy a better and smoother recovery. 

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Or simply contact us. 

Wishing you excellent health , wellness and abundance.

Sadé Tolani ☀️

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White Feather Body Oils and Valentines

Hello Everyone,

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend?

A warm welcome to the beautiful, romantic Month of February.

A month to express and show your romantic side to yourself and to your loved ones.

Why not pamper yourself or someone, to some glorious smelling, therapeutic, skin clearing, skin smoothing, tone even-ing, blemish reducing, younger looking, White Feather CBD Infused Skin Care Oil along with some roses and chocolates for Valentines?

Why not? 🤔 Because you can 😄and it’s a wonderful feeling.

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Wishing you beautiful skin and a Month of beautiful February!

Jacko Jackson
White Feather