Cannabidiol and Cancer


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Cannabidiol and Cancer

Cancer is a very distressing, painful, uncomfortable and frightening condition. Just being given the news of having Cancer, sounds almost like a death sentence. That shouldn’t be the case. We shouldn’t let Cancer frighten us. We should be proactive, not let fear overtake us, take positive action.

Cannabidiol is a great comforter to people suffering from Cancer or/and undergoing Cancer Therapy.

Though claims cannot be made about Cannabidiol curing cancer, Cannabidiol has been found to be a great adjunct to easing the horrible side effects experienced from the treatment of Cancer, like Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

Cannabidiol, with its anti-inflammatory properties, has been shown to ease pain , better than Opiates.

It alleviates the nausea associated with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, improves sleep and appetite, as well as eases anxiety.

We’ve also received personal testimonials of Cancer Remission.

A Lithuanian Grandma who suffered Bowel Cancer took Cannabidiol post-surgery instead of Chemotherapy and her Cancer cleared up.

A Guianean Lady who had Uterine Cancer made suppositories out of Cannabidiol and MCT Oil 🤔and her tumour cleared up.

If you know of anyone who can benefit from Cannabidiol, treat them to White Feather Oil. Nothing to lose. Improved health to gain.

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