Strength and Recovery Time


How is 2020 treating you? Great, I trust!

A lot of us have decided to re-rev our vavavoom and hit the gym, up our exercises, improve our diet, heighten our spirituality, improve our relationships, make more money and lot more. Great stuff!

Have you watched the movie, ‘The Game Changers’?

This movie compares Animal and Plant Based Diets. Very enlightening. Definitely worth watching.

What I got out of the movie is the fairly similar effect one gets from a Plant Based Diet (Vegan Diet) and Cannabidiol.

Recovery from exercise is faster and better. Gym buffs have given us this feedback.

Athletes are stronger. They endure longer. I watched a friend play three different games of tennis: Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles in one day and won all three matches 😮, and was still as cool as a cucumber.

Repair to the muscles following strenuous exercise is faster.

This is understandable, because Cannabidiol, obviously, is a Plant Derivative, but it’s effect on the body, which is measurable, is amazing.

If you are Gym Buff, an Athlete or someone who loves exercising or wants to start actively exercising, consider complimenting your lifestyle with some Cannabidiol or/and a Plant Based Diet, starting with a few days a week.

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Wishing you excellent health, wellness and abundance in 2020 and beyond


Sadé Tolani ☀
White Feather

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